Storage Specialist

A Storage Specialist oversees a Single or Multiple Storage systems and fabrics, ensuring they are in working order. They need to perform regular backups to ensure that no data is lost; these backups need to be tested regularly to make sure that they are functioning properly. The Storage Specialist also ensures that no data is accessed by unauthorized parties and that adequate security measures are in place to meet Compliance requirements.


vSAN Quick Start - Lightning Lab

Explore how easy it is to deploy vSAN using VMware's "QuickStart" guided cluster creation wizard! QuickStart provides an easy to use, step-by-step configuration wizard that makes streamlines the creation a production-ready vSAN cluster to support your VMs.



What's New in vSAN - Getting Started

Explore the components and capabilities within vSAN 7 and learn how to configure and manage upgrades, enhance availability, monitor and optimize workload performance.



Odyssey vSAN - Advanced

Are you ready to showcase your skills? VMware Odyssey™ by Hands-on Labs are short tasks that challenge your knowledge on VMware Products and Solutions. You will have thirty minutes to complete four vSAN Odyssey tasks. Sponsored by Intel®

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