RocketIntroducing VMware Odyssey

Into the Future with VMware Odyssey

We have added gamification elements to the labs you know and love. VMware Odyssey are short tasks that challenge your knowledge and expertise across the VMware portfolio.

Own Your Journey

Take control of your journey and get instant feedback on your progress.

Test Your Skills

Go head to head against the clock and people online to reach the highest ranking on the leaderboard

Showcase Your Knowledge

Sharpen your skills and share your achievements as you tackle each task.

Mission Overview

Personalize your Journey with VMware Odyssey Missions:

Missions take you through our Hands-on Labs and VMware Odyssey tasks that provide a deep-dive of our products. Consider it your personal mission to strengthen all of your VMware skills.

Skyrocket Your Career: Find your background or interest and let VMware Odyssey take you on a journey. We have missions covering the entire VMware portfolio including vSphere, vSAN, vRealize operations, and much more!

Navigate to the Missions drop-down section at the top of our site to learn more.

Interested? Get a view from the driver’s seat

Odyssey is created using VMware’s Hands-on Labs environment with customized manuals created specifically to test your technical knowledge and expertise of VMware products. Each lab has a unique game code that logs you into the game client. Once you complete a task you get instant feedback on your progress.

Are you ready to showcase your skills?

Try our Odyssey Game Labs for free!

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